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(2008): Aegirine-augite crystals in scoria from Mt Shadwell and Mt Anakie, Victoria, Australia. Trattner (2009): Die Mineralvorkommen im Basalt des Pauliberges. (1998) Petrographie und Mineralchemie von Skapolith aus dem Kristallin östlich der Hohen Tauern. Rare-earth-rich eudialyte and dalyite from a peralkaline granite dyke at Straumsvola, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Mineralogical Magazine, 73, 2, 205-226.[Nepheline] Riley, T. Le rate dell'abbonamento già pagate non potranno essere rimborsate.

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...questa settimana suggeriamo: - Seeyousound 4th Edition - International Music Film Festival a torino 26 gennaio | 4 febbraio 2018 - XVIII edizione di Musica e Medicina 2018- Sentimenti ed emozioni - NEI DINTORNI DI OROPA... (2009): The geochemistry of Middle Jurassic dykes associated with the Straumsvola-Tvora alkaline plutons, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica and their association with the Karoo large igneous province. Mineralogical Magazine, 73, 2, 205-226.[Scapolite] Kimura, M. (1997) Chlorine-bearing Phases in Ordinary Chondrites: Meteoritics & Planetary Science 32 (4, Supplement): page A72. (2012) The Basil Cu-Co deposit, Huckitta project area, Harts Range, N. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 138, 11-33. S., 1998, Porphyry and Sedimentary-hosted Gold Deposits near Cygnet: New Styles of Gold Mineralisation in Tasmania: Unpub Rept, Mineral Resources Tasmania. A Cretaceous phonolite dyke from the Tomahawk River, Northeast Tasmania. The Mineralogical Society of Tasmania Newsletter, 25, p.12; Taheri, J., and Bottrill, R.

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